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Becky. British. Cheap vodka drinking femme fatale judas.

If it were up to me we would be sleeping in the woods.

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does anyone want to join our cards against humanity game? me and oceanhunters are playing our first proper game and we need some more people. the game is katie and the password is fancy

heres a link

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cranky harry potter feels



where is the harry potter fic where harry has to deal with the fact that ginny weasely is deeply fucked over by childhood insecurities and trust issues from her family and then by her terrible first year at hogwarts and then by her terrible sixth year of hogwarts she was the ringleader of organized guerilla rebellion against a crushing occupationist force when she was sixteen. SIXTEEN.

she is not harry’s happy ending. she was a child in the shadow of her parent’s war and she got her first wounds from it when she was eleven and alone and she carried those scars forward into battle again and again—when she was fourteen, when she was fifteen. she grew up violent and angry under terrible pressure and she’s never going to be anyone’s reward.

i want to see harry fucking realize that. i want to see him wake up at night with her wand at his throat and love her anyway. i want to see him make her sandwiches when her hands are shaking too bad from curse damage to hold utensils. i want to see him get the fuck over himself and earn her. 

#yeah harry was a child soldier #but so was ginny #SO WAS GINNY

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Bastille music videos

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This was going to be the most exciting voyage of our lives. To go West. I have dreamed of it many times and in my dreams we are always together.

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Danny Pink I was a soldier. There were other soldiers and some of them weren’t on our side - I shall leave it to your imagination.
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Harry Potter Recast
inspired by burdge's gold and silver trio art

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A young Sumatran Tiger Cub at Chester Zoo…

They have successfully raised 4 cubs over the past 3 years and are part of an international breeding programme. When you consider there are less than 400 of these wonderful tigers left in the world then this is positive news…

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gold and silver

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Face to face by (Andreas Schuller)
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but first, let me take a selkie (steals a mythical half-seal creature from scotland)

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by The Royal Concept

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